Niche Marketing With Outstanding Definition & 9 Examples

What is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on a unique target market. A niche market is a segment of a larger market that has its own demands and preferences. Instead of total marketing, who could benefit from a product or service, this strategy focuses on an exclusive group or the potential customers who would most benefit from the offerings.

Niche marketing is defined as a narrow marketing strategy that develops in order to meet better the needs and desires of a small group of consumers with similar characteristic needs in need of goods/services. Niche marketing can be explained as a marketing tactic focused on a specific and unique market segment. To be able to talk about a niche market. Success in niche marketing requires a different perspective.

This gap, which no one has thought of in the market, noticed and underestimated, includes the product that is requested by a small number of people rather than products that will satisfy many people.

A niche market is not necessarily a small group of people or a small segment of the market. Sometimes a niche domain can create a huge market that millions of people haven’t noticed before. Niche marketing is a marketing activity created in line with the needs and expectations of a small consumer group with the same characteristics. Niche marketing; It has emerged with the aim of small-scale enterprises to specialize in a specific field and want to increase their profit rate by carrying out their activities in this field instead of struggling in an intensely competitive environment.

There is one important thing to understand that niche’ does not exist but is created by smart marketing techniques and identifying what the customer wants.

How is Niche Marketing Done?

Researching emerging or emerging markets and their marketing trends is the first step to achieve consumer segmentation. If you categorize your target audience and divide them according to their interests, you will have developed a method that targets precisely the group you want to catch. It is very important in terms of marketing method that you clearly define what kind of product or service you will offer in your market and introduce this product and service to the target audience. When you determine how and through which channels you will communicate with the target audience and start the transportation process, it may be possible to say that you are applying a niche marketing method.

Who Uses Niche Marketing?

There are a lot of companies using niche marketing strategies in their marketing campaigns as the main strategy. These types of brands still producing niche products, for limited numbers, for very specific details, for a limited group of people. This type of marketing strategy is very useful for small businesses with limited resources. For example, Aston Martin is using a niche strategy and targets their high-level sports cars as a big fish in a small pot.

Why Is The Niche Market Profitable?

The special market area means special wishes, desires, and needs, as well as high prices, high profits. Since it is a work-to-order system, it saves money in terms of finance and inventory costs and allows the transfer of expertise to other product/service areas. The risky side of niche marketing changes suddenly

Niche Marketing Examples

You have identified a niche market, you thought it was an opportunity at first glance, but niche market research should be a very rigorous and detailed study. Companies not only analyze their market segment but also use niche marketing methods to inform their target audience. Investing in a limited market without good study can be a dead investment.

Here’s a list of some niche markets:

  • Fitness: Yoga for pregnant women
  • Cars: Disability Cars
  • Patisserie: Birthday cake
  • Clothes: Oversize clothes
  • Hobbies: Origami course
  • Tourism: Wildlife birdwatching tours

For example, the ready-to-wear industry is a very saturated market in terms of both the number of brands and the product range. That’s why companies are looking for niche market segments they can use to increase their sales. For example,

A niche market was created for oversize size patterns, with definitions such as “oversize” or “oversized” instead of using the big pattern phrases for models such as “extra-large” and “double large”.

Similarly, it was evaluated in the niche market targeting pregnant women. In the past, pregnant women tried to get through the pregnancy process by purchasing large size clothes. However, although the pregnancy process is a temporary period, some people are willing to buy comfortable maternity clothes, others stylish. Instead of wandering around the aisles in a clothing store and looking for oversized models, they prefer to shop at a store where only the clothes suitable for them are sold.

 For this reason, companies that produce this type of clothing to sell “maternity clothes” use niche marketing methods.

Lefty’s: The Left-Hand Store: Consider a left-handed store. Left-handed people often have to use products made for right-handed people. When we think about it for a bit, we see that there are many products produced in accordance with right-hand ergonomics.

Laundry Example for Black & Darks: In the past, laundry detergents were uniform. Later, separate detergents for whites and colored ones began to be sold. In the 2000s, we started to hear about detergent brands sold only for black clothes. Black clothes lose color at a really high temperature, long intensive washing programs. White color is a wider clothing group, especially because of the laundry. The number of black clothes is small, but people who want to protect the color of their clothes may prefer this product, although not very often.

Frosch Dissolves water stains and limescale: For example, instead of providing cleaning services to homes and offices with standard products, an entrepreneur who only uses organic cleaning products can do a niche marketing emphasizing that they are cleaning using organic and green materials to reach environmentally conscious audiences. Frosch offers products for both cleaning companies and home users, offering environmentally friendly products.

Niche Marketing Benefits

In order to determine the needs of a market, we must first understand that market. So the question of what is niche marketing requires you to find the answer to what is a niche market. A niche market is segmented according to the wishes and needs of a very narrow consumer group. Private market segments that large businesses do not want to enter or cannot see have a structure with limited consumers: orthopedic products, a large number of clothes, shoes, such as special tourism events.

The importance of niche marketing comes from filling the gaps. So there is a gap in the market that has not been seen or thought of by anyone, and if you take this opportunity, you will have a solid market.

Niche marketing is followed by micronized marketing. Micronized market is an individual market with one customer. Niche marketing is seen as a step on the road to micronized markets.

The benefit of niche marketing causes brands to differentiate themselves, look unique, and deepen their influence on customer perception. A brand can use niche marketing techniques to disagree with other brands that offer similar products or services, appear more valuable, and build a stronger, long-lasting connection with customers.

Features of Niche Marketing

  • Companies applying the niche marketing method can earn a significant profit share over the cost due to the value they add to the products and production services they produce.
  • Niche marketers produce goods according to their customers’ wishes, so customers are ready to give them the price they want.
  • The product or service to be offered in niche marketing must be unique, and the brand must be specialized in this area.
  • Marketers try to find one or more marketing segments that are safe and profitable. An ideal marketing niche must provide a profitable and growth potential in order for a firm doing a market niche to serve effectively and make a profit.
  • Gaining consumer satisfaction and trust is achieved more easily in niche marketing.
  • Since the target audience represents a small group, marketing communication studies are needed with less budget.
  • Niche marketing is a market with low production and sales rate and high-profit rate.
  • Although it is generally compared to the micro-marketing method, the niche marketing method targets small audiences, while micro marketing is a method targeting the individual.

Ideas for Niche Marketing

1. Know your customers’ needs

A company that has already entered the market and sells its products and services can find a niche business idea by analyzing customer expectations with the feedback it will receive from its current customers.

At this point, the information obtained from customers should be evaluated with an innovative perspective and a creative team that can see opportunities. This is the most effective method for transforming knowledge into niche opportunities. However, if you are new to the business, if you are planning to enter the business life from a niche market, you should conduct surveys, especially using social media, to analyze potential customers first and then their expectations from an innovative perspective.

2. Invest in pay-per-click marketing – PPC

When people need something unusual and don’t know what they’re looking for, they look for it in search engines, especially Google. Perhaps the people who may need your products don’t even know you exist. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to do a PPC marketing study focused on people who fit your target customer profile with low budgets.

3. Focus on word-of-mouth communication

By serving small customers and spreading your business word of mouth, it is a very effective method to market through people who are already using your products or services or who have an idea about your products. Marketing made with a customer reference, that is, a person who has used your products has a very high chance of success.

4. Seize new business opportunities

Opportunities rarely knock on your door, so you have to be prepared for opportunities. When you come across an opportunity, start your niche marketing with an effective strategy by doing a quick and effective analysis. Our advice does not mean waiting for a chance. Look for new opportunities and embrace them if you find them exciting and profitable.

5. Observe What Other Companies Are Doing

You may not always be the first to compete with similar products that your competitors will produce to respond. If you analyze the products or services of your competitors well, you can identify their shortcomings and come up with more innovative solutions.

Advantages of Niche Marketing

The main benefits of a niche market are that there is no or weak competition under that segment. Niche product makes the company a market leader. Thus, the company can determine the product price itself.

1. Low competition

The main benefit of niche marketing is that competition is reduced. If you determine the needs of a certain segment of the target audience before your competitors, then you have a chance to not only earn additional profits but also to market in a low, competitive environment. There are several benefits to reducing competition. You don’t need to limit the price of your product because of your competitors.

Entering a niche market might not be a great idea just because your competitors haven’t discovered this part of the target audience. If your competitors haven’t entered a market because they don’t see it as a profitable market, you need to do a more careful analysis. Is the market really inefficient, or could your competitor not see the opportunities? But if your competitors do not fall into the market segment because they cannot meet the market’s needs, then you have an advantage. Therefore, it is very important to analyze the market before evaluating niche market opportunities.

2. Improved relationship with customers

Another advantage of niche marketing is that it is easier to develop effective communication with consumers. Niche market usually targets a specific group of people. When you focus on a specific group of people, you have the opportunity to interact with them on a personal level. You use marketing methods that are relevant to a certain segment of the target audience. Since the target audience has similar characteristics, it will be easier to measure customer expectations and produce solutions. In this way, you can offer them personalized services.

For example, if you are in the catering business, you can provide catering services to individuals according to their needs and seasonal expectations. You can get information about their favorite and allergic foods and using this information; You can create daily meals for your customers. Besides that, you can communicate with each customer using a personalized approach.

3. The benefits of word of mouth praise

People who are part of the niche market are often linked. They interact with each other through social media platforms and forums. They are willing to share customer experiences, share information. Therefore, you can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing.

Consider the previous example. If you are in the catering business and you provide catering services to each of your customers according to their expectations. Let’s say you give a diabetic patient three meals a day, taking into account their needs. If he is happy with your service, he will recommend you to people with diabetes like him.

Word of mouth is the best payoff to being part of the niche market. The best thing about word of mouth is that you get new customers with an inexpensive strategy.

4. Increasing presence in the market

Niche marketing helps you strengthen your position in the market. By entering a niche market, you show that you care about the expectations of people that companies that produce mass products overlook.

This will not only please a certain group of customers but also improve your image in the eyes of other customers. Niche marketing, with the help of social media advertising, will help you to be recognized by people who can buy from you, rather than just being popular. Being accepted by the right people is more important than being recognized by many.

Niche Marketing

5. Efficient use of resources

Creating a marketing strategy requires serious effort and time. To create an effective marketing method, companies need to understand their target audience. To do this, they need to do research and collect in-depth data. Extensive research takes a lot of time and effort, and often companies fail to identify the true needs of their customers.

However, in niche marketing, a company focuses on a specific segment of the target audience with different and specific needs. Therefore, once you know what your customers’ specific needs are, you do not need to waste your time and effort to learn the latest trends in the market and the demands of mass customers.

6. Chance to lead

Every firm wants to be a pioneer in its market segment. Being a pioneer has important advantages. For example, you have the opportunity to gain the most important part of the market share, and the companies that will enter the market after you will have limited market shares if you continue to do your job well. You will become the leader of the market and have certain privileges, such as deciding the price of products.

7. Increased job opportunities

Niche marketing helps you find different business opportunities. Sometimes you come across a business opportunity just by being in the marketplace. For example, if you run a catering business, you may see an increase in demand for vegan products. So you’ll notice the benefits of preparing a menu for vegans sooner. When you get such an opportunity, you will get not only a job opportunity but also a chance to work for a purpose.

8. Earn customers loyalty

Niche marketing will bring you, loyal customers. In niche marketing, you cater to the specific needs of customers. You offer a solution to a problem they’re experiencing or create a service that they can’t find anywhere.

People respond to companies that listen to their expectations and offer solutions, and when the company shows that they care, customer loyalty increases exponentially. These types of customers will not only promote your products and services to others but also become loyal customers.

9. Nich Marketing Is More Affordable

Niche marketing costs less than other marketing methods. Your raw material costs may increase because you do not mass produce these goods, but your initial capital may be lower because you have limited production. In addition, you do not need to run conventional marketing and advertising campaigns. Since your advertising costs are targeting a specific group, it will be more economical, and the return rate after your advertising campaign will be higher.

Because a niche market is often small in size, you can reach your customers through personal communication methods such as e-mail and telephone. Your posts on social media and forum sites will achieve the goal to a large extent.

10. Lower risk

When a company enters a niche market, it conducts research on this subject and is aware of the in-depth details of the market. For example, when a clothing company decides to make maternity wear for women, women need to know the problems they face during their pregnancy and the clothes they feel most comfortable.

Companies doing niche market research start their production processes only when they have sufficient knowledge about the product and the sector. When a company enters a fully prepared market, the risk of failure is reduced.

Disadvantages Of Niche Marketing

1. Lower profit margin

Niche marketing focuses on a small group of people with specific needs. This means that the size of customers who will be interested in purchasing your products is small. Therefore, your chances of making big profits are low. Your business may be successful, and your customers may love your products, but you cannot increase your profit margin due to the small customer base.

2. It’s hard to grow

Companies entering niche markets are difficult to survive. If their ideas are successful, large companies can use their plans to improve their business. Therefore, it is difficult for small companies to grow and survive in a niche market.

3. It Takes Time to Drive Demand

As niche-oriented companies are small compared to large multinationals that serve mass markets, it is sometimes difficult to turn demand in their favor.

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